Marvel's Mephisto Special Reportedly Filming (Report)

It looks like Marvel Studios may have its next Special Presentation set. Months after Werewolf by Night debuted on Disney+, it's now said a special starring Sacha Baron Cohen's Mephisto is actively filming. The latest comes from Above the Line's Jeff Sneider, who said on his latest episode of The Hot Mic the special is now filming on the set of another MCU project in the midst of principal photography.

"They told me there's a Mephisto special filming on the set of Agatha: House of Harkness," Sneider said on the podcast. "It sounds like they may be doing his very own special."

Though Marvel still has yet to confirm the special, the timeline of production falls perfectly in line with what we've seen from the studio in the past. This time last year, Marvel started rolling cameras on Werewolf by Night, filming the one-shot in just under a month.

When will Marvel's horror characters return?

Marvel has typically stayed far away from horror, though Werewolf by Night has changed that. In addition to the eponymous lycanthrope, the special also introduced Elsa Bloodstone (Laura Donnelly) and Man-Thing. When we spoke with Werewolf by Night producer Stephen Broussard earlier this year, he said the characters would return in other Marvel properties in an organic matter moving forward.

"Well, I will say that we're starting to introduce some cool characters that are in the darker side, the more monster side and the supernatural and the occult in a very organic way as you're seeing these character pop up," Broussard told's Brandon Davis at the press junket for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. "I think in very organic ways, it feels like there could be ways to continue those stories in ways that feel very fresh and new and keeping our toe in that horror side of things."

How to watch Werewolf by Night

Since Werewolf by Night didn't receive a theatrical release, the "Special Presentation," as Marvel Studios calls it, was lumped in with the rest of the television shows the outfit produced for Disney+. As such, Werewolf by Night is available to watch exclusively on Disney+ and nowhere else.