Disney Releases Fun-Filled 'Mary Poppins Returns' Photo

It's Mary Poppins, y'all!

The iconic nanny is making her way back to theaters in 2018 and, as we all look ahead into what this new year will bring us, Disney has given everyone another peek at its upcoming film, Mary Poppins Returns.

The new photo, which debuted on USA Today, featured Emily Blunt's take on the classic character heading out on an adventure with the next generation of Banks children. The nanny, along with Lin Manuel Miranda's new character Jack, has loaded the kids onto a bicycle by laying a ladder across the seat.

mary poppins returns
(Photo: Walt Disney Studios)

This surely looks to be another wild ride for Mary to add to her already eccentric and exciting resume.

Blunt is set to take on the role that was made famous by Julie Andrews in Disney's 1964 classic, but don't expect the two versions of the character to be very similar. According to Blunt, she's taking Mary Poppins back to the odd-ball roots of the original character in the books.


“I just loved how eccentric and wacky she is in the books — incredibly vain and rude to the children,” the actress told USA Today. “As a British person, I really responded to that lack of saccharine relationships. I find it comforting the idea of someone just sweeping in who’s no-nonsense and cleaning everything up and making everything right again in a magical way that's not sentimental.”

Mary Poppins Returns is set to hit theaters on Christmas Day, 2018.