'Mary Poppins Returns' Trailer Released Online

No spoonful of sugar is required for this sweetness, as the first trailer for Mary Poppins Returns is a treat on its own.

The first look at the sequel to the 1964 musical classic debuted during this evening's 90th Academy Awards. Take a look at the trailer above!

Fans finally got to see Emily Blunt in action in the title role, taking over from the iconic Julie Andrews. She's joined in the film by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who will be succeeding Dick Van Dyke as the blue-collar everyman.

Miranda, who catapulted into superstardom with the Tony Award-winning Broadway hit Hamilton, plays Jack. He's a lamplighter and apprentice to Bert from the first film, the character originally portrayed by Dick Van Dyke.

Blunt's Poppins returns decades after the events of the first family, caring for the families of grown up Michael and Jane Banks, played by Ben Whishaw and Emily Mortimer respectively.

Miranda announced the trailer while on the red carpet of the Oscars. The first look at the film debuted shortly after.

Fans were treated to the first look at Blunt's take on the iconic character, which seems to be much more sardonic than the whimsical version from the original film. The intention was touring Mary Poppins more in line with her appearance in the original books by P.L. Travers, which shows in that last scene in which Michael Banks comments that it's great to see Ms. Poppins once again.

"It is, isn't it?" she remarks with a sly smile.

Blunt spoke about the change to the character during an interview with USA Today.

"I just loved how eccentric and wacky she is in the books -- incredibly vain and rude to the children," Blunt said. "As a British person, I really responded to that lack of saccharine relationships. I find it comforting the idea of someone just sweeping in who's no-nonsense and cleaning everything up and making everything right again in a magical way that's not sentimental."


Mary Poppins Returns opens in theaters on December 25th, Christmas Day.

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