New 'Men in Black International' Photos Released

The Men in Black are returning to theaters this summer with a set of stars at the forefront, as [...]

The Men in Black are returning to theaters this summer with a set of stars at the forefront, as Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson suit up for Sony's sequel/reboot Men in Black International.

On Thursday, EW revealed its latest cover story, which focuses on the next installment in the popular Men in Black franchise and, along with it, a set of brand new photos.

Of course, one of these photos is simply the cover of Entertainment Weekly, featuring pose from Thompson and Hemsworth, who are reuniting after they worked together in 2017's Thor: Ragnarok. The other two images, which you can see below, dig a little more into the movie itself.

The first images shows off Thompson and Hemsworth riding some sort of alien bike through what appears to be a Middle Eastern village. The other sees the two characters in the middle of the desert, likely from the same sequence in the film.

men in black ew cover
(Photo: EW)
men in black international
(Photo: Giles Keyte/Sony)
men in black international 2
(Photo: Giles Keyte/Sony)

While it may be weird to see two actors that aren't Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones star in a Men in Black film, International's director F. Gary Gray assures that replacing the ever-popular franchise leads is not the intention of this movie.

"We went into the project knowing the deep affection we and the fans have for Will and Tommy," Gray said. "We're not replacing to them, simply adding to them."

"The first three pictures are very dependent on Will and Tommy's particular chemistry and on the comic approach that [director] Barry [Sonnenfeld] brought," added producer Walter F. Parkes. "So we knew we needed performers with these vivid personalities and an inherent rapport, and luckily we could see the seeds of that in Thor." Though Sonnenfeld has stayed on as an executive producer, Parkes adds, "I think the biggest difference [in this story] is that this time the enemy is within. MIB has been compromised from inside, which leads them on a globe-trotting adventure to discover the true nature of the threat."

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Men in Black International hits theaters on June 14th.