'Men In Black International' Trailer Released Online

Get ready to suit up, because the first official trailer for Men in Black International has arrived!

Sony Pictures has released the first official trailer for the upcoming spinoff film. You can check it out above!

The film will follow Agent M (Tessa Thompson) and Agent H (Chris Hemsworth), as they are plunged into a murder mystery that sends them across the globe. In addition to Hemsworth and Thompson, the cast includes Rebecca Ferguson, Liam Neeson, Kumail Nanjiani, and Emma Thompson. The film is directed by F. Gary Gray.

"I'm such a massive, massive fan," Thompson said in a recent interview. "[Emma and I are] related, Thompson and Thompson! Getting to just square off with her and hang out with her and learn from her, I was pinching myself and trying to keep my cool, because it meant a lot to me."

"Hopefully we're doing the franchise proud," Thompson added. "It's a lot more action than I think you've seen in the other Men in Black films. It is global in scope, it's set here in the UK which is super fun, there's a lot of fun, English humour. As agents, they also travel elsewhere in the world. I think it's bigger in scope with amazing folks like Liam Neeson (Ireland!) and Emma and Kumail Nanjiani and Rebecca Ferguson. We have a really rad fight scene.

"I'm really excited about it and like Creed, it's really fun to get to work with a co-star again. I just love working with Chris I love working with Mike [Michael B Jordan]. It's so fun getting to revisit being with him."

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Men in Black International arrives in theaters on June 14th.