Men In Black: Vincent D'Onofrio Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Vincent D'Onofrio took a moment to remember the 25th anniversary of Men in Black this morning. On Twitter, the Daredevil star talked about the makeup that went into his role as Edgar in the movie. People will remember how an alien bug basically hijacks his body for most of the film and the wild amount of makeup necessary to convey his transformation. Clearly, it still sticks out in the Kingpin actor's mind. His post today thanks Barry Sonnenfield for working with him. Rick Baker also gets a shout-out as well. Men in Black is beloved by both Gen X viewers and late Millenials. Multiple summers of the decade starred Will Smith as a charismatic hero. But, there's something about this July 2 weekend blockbuster that has endured over time. Check out what D'Onofrio had to say down below.

"I guess I donned this makeup & wig in MIB exactly 25 yrs ago today," he tweeted. "Thanks to the great Makeup artist Rick Baker & the great director Barry Sonnenfeld we pulled it off. I owe a lot to Rick Baker for the incredible job he did & Barry for his direction&for the trust he put in me."

A couple of years ago, series star Will Smith talked to Jimmy Fallon about the sequels to the blockbuster. Most fans of the franchise point to different entries as the low point. But, for Smith, he really wasn't feeling Men in Black II. This conversation centered around Bad Boys For Life, and why the response to that sequel was so warm, while other visits to familiar locales can be a bit frigid.

"What we tried to do, that was really critical and important to me, is not try to just do the old movies again," Smith said of 1995's Bad Boys and 2003's Bad Boys II. "You had to take into consideration the time, had to take into consideration how the characters would have grown. And the reason it took so long is because I didn't want to make it just as a cash grab. You know, 'Hey, everybody loves sequels, let's just do a sequel.'"

He continued, ""I had fumbled a couple of my last sequels. You know, I wasn't happy with the Men in Black sequel. I'm going to keep it real: sometimes I say 'y'all are gonna love it,' and y'all not gonna love it," he said with a laugh. "You know, 'cause sometimes I've seen it, and I know y'all not gonna love it, but it's an expensive movie. But this time…it is so good."


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