Moonfall's John Bradley Keeps In Touch With Kit Harington And Game of Thrones Cast

Since Game of Thrones came to an end, its cast has been popping up in various movie and TV series titles. John Bradley, who played Samwell Tarly on the HBO fantasy series, is heading to the moon this weekend in Lionsgate and Roland Emmerich's Moonfall. Meanwhile, his longtime co-star Kit Harington recently appeared in Marvel's Eternals with Thrones's Robb Stark actor Richard Madden. Bradley very much keeps in touch with the Thrones family, even if he does feel a bit left out when watching them work together as their trailers play in theaters.

"We do. Yeah, yeah, we do," Bradley told when asked if the Thrones cast still keep in touch. "I went to the cinema to see... What did I go to see? I think it was the Bond movie, and I saw the Eternals trailer and it had Kit in it, and it had Richard in it as well. It feels like there's a party that you've not been invited to. You're seeing all your buddies in there, they're interacting with each other and you feel on the outside of it!"

Bradley was on Game of Thrones from its first season right up through its series finale. For most of his journey, he worked closely with Harington as his Samwell Tarly was a close friend of Harington's Jon Snow. "We do still keep in touch," Bradley said. "Yeah, we're still very, very close and I'm so proud of them. And Kit especially has been probably my closest friend in it. And I'm back working with [David] Benioff and  [D.B.] Weiss now on a new project. And yeah, we're never gonna stop being a family. We'll always keep in touch and, you know, they still mean a lot to me those guys."

Moonfall is a leap from Game of Thrones, with stakes not quite being a fight for the Iron Throne but instead saving the entire planet from imminent collision with the moon. Bradley was put to the test as his K.C. Housman character for Emmerich's disaster film, having not only to be drenched in water for an intense flood sequence but also requiring some zero gravity training and rehearsals. 

"We did a lot of rehearsal," Bradley said. "A lot of people think that we were on wires for that zero G stuff but it was actually, we were just sort of... We had a board molded to our body," Bradley explained. "We'd fit the contours of our body perfectly. And on my body, there are a lot of contours to fit. Believe me. You lay on this board and then you're on a crane arm, and you just float through on this crane arm. But the thing about me was I seem to play a lot of characters that are no good at anything. I don't have to look like I know what I'm doing. I don't have to look proficient at anything. It's such a gift that I can look like I'm struggling. If I'm struggling, it looks like the character's struggling, and that seems to be what people want from me. So I get off lightly with all that stuff!" 

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