New Netflix Documentary Premieres With Perfect Rotten Tomatoes Rating

One of Netflix latest documentaries has a perfect rating on Rotten Tomatoes. For fans of 90s pop culture, Pamela: A Love Story is batting a perfect average on the review aggregator site. Netflix made the move to announce it's own telling of the supermodel's history after so many projects have been made about her and the wild life she's witnessed. These days, Anderson is enjoying a much more quiet life. Still having the spotlight occasionally, but using her platform for causes she deems worthy. The doc presents an introdspective look at her life up until this point and focuses on her family as well. Something that doesn't often get mentioned in the other media treatments that have premiered on other streamers. Check out what the icon had to say to People when the film premiered.

"Of course it's emotional for me," Anderson said. "It's just all these wonderful memories and hard memories too. But I wanted to go back into those feelings and feel those feelings… That's how I wrote my book. I wanted to go through all the chapters of my life and feel those feelings. It was hard. It was very hard."

Pamela Anderson Has A Lot Of Emotions Around Her Story

"I think Brandon was a little emotional. Dylan was a little emotional when he saw it," she added. "Brandon's seen a ton of it. He's been doing this for two years, so this has been a long process and as a mom, you never want to burden your kids. But this has kind of been a fun family project, but it had a lot of emotion tied to it."

Anderson says that her sons encouraged her to tell her story on her terms. That's made a world of difference for her. "[There's] a little bit of anxiety before it comes out because this has been a year, basically, of therapy, going through my life from my first memory to my last memory," she admitted. "I'm really proud of it. It is something I wrote every word of. I didn't have a collaborator. I didn't have any ghostwriter, nothing."

The Baywatch star continued, "It's just one girl's story of how I made it through: a small-town girl going to Los Angeles and just going through all the wild and crazy adventures I did and then circling back and going home."

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