Netflix's The Willoughbys Has a Really Gross Post-Credits Scene

Over the past week, two very different original films arrived on Netflix and instantly became hits on the streaming service. The ultra-violent Chris Hemsworth action film Extraction and the dark animated family flick The Willoughbys have both been successful on Netflix, and each have a bit at the end that have caused conversation. Extraction concludes with a head-scratching shot that teases a potential sequel to the film, but it doesn't contain any kind of post-credits sequence (despite being produced by longtime Marvel directors Joe and Anthony Russo). The Willoughbys, on the other hand, does have a short joke at the end of its credits, and it's grossing out plenty of viewers.

If you haven't seen the film, The Willoughbys is about a group of siblings who trick their terrible parents into leaving the country so that they can have a more enjoyable life. The entire movie is narrated by a really sarcastic cat, voiced by comedian Ricky Gervais, who is one of the funniest characters in The Willoughbys. At first, the narrator cat is simply observing the children, but becomes an active part of their story by the end. However, at the completion of the credits, the cat is back on his own, taking part in a very one-on-one activity.

The cat is seen sitting in the middle of the dark screen, surrounded by complete silence, licking himself in the crotch. That's normal for a cat, but it's the way this bit is played that makes it gross. As he licks himself, the cat is making some frighteningly enjoyable moans, giving the scene some nasty context.

As the cat turns around to notice the audience watching, he tells everyone, "This is how I wash....everything." That's how a cat washes everything, and that's exactly what we witness in this scene. It's not exactly a moment for the kids.

For what it's worth, The Willouhbys has plenty of older-skewing jokes throughout its run time. None are quite this gross, though. But it fits with the tone of Gervais' character, who takes every opportunity he finds to make things more uncomfortable.


Did you catch the post-credits scene in The Willoughbys the first time around? Were you grossed out by the cat's cleaning methods? Let us know in the comments!

The Willoughbys is now streaming on Netflix.