New Netflix Thriller Is Currently Dominating Every Other Streaming Service

Netflix original movies sometimes seem to fly under the radar upon release, as the streaming service doesn't always give every movie it releases a ton of marketing ahead of its debut. Even with very little promotional material, however, some films find their way through the crowd and end up getting a substantial audience anyway. Such is the case for the new thriller Intrusion, which spent some time dominating the streaming movie charts.

Intrusion, starring Freida Pinto and Logan Marshall-Green, was released on Netflix on September 22nd, and it immediately found success on the streaming service. According to the new numbers from Nielsen, Intrusion is estimated to have been streamed for a total of 331 million minutes between the time of its release and September 26th. Nielsen measured that entire week, beginning on September 20th, and Intrusion managed to top all other films on streaming services despite not being available the first two days.

Netflix had the five most-watched movies on streaming for the week of September 20th, with Adam Sandler's Grown Ups coming in second, just 40 million minutes behind Intrusion. The Starling, Safe House, and My Little Pony: A New Generation also performed well for Netflix, while Cruella, Luca, and Moana delivered strong ratings for Disney+.

In the past, films of the thrilling variety have typically performed well for Netflix, and Intrusion seems to be no exception. Pinto plays a woman named Meera Parsons, who is the victim of a home invasion after moving to a small town. She eventually starts to suspect that there is something more sinister going on beneath the surface with the folks in the town than people may realize. Marshall-Green takes on the role of Henry Parsons, Meera's husband.

The film is directed by Adam Salky, who also directed I Smile Back and multiple episodes of Blindspot. Chris Sparling, the screenwriter behind Buried, Sea of Trees, and Greenland, penned the script for Intrusion.

You can check out the official logline for Intrusion below.

"When a husband and wife move to a small town, a home invasion leaves the wife traumatized and suspicious that those around her might not be who they seem."

Have you checked out Intrusion on Netflix yet? If so, what did you think of the film? Let us know in the comments!