New Netflix Movie Has Streamer's Highest Ratings of the Year

Last Friday saw the release of Netflix's latest original movie, the Ryan Reynolds-starring, Shawn Levy-directed The Adam Project. Harkening back to the likes of Amblin movies from the 1980s, and coming from two creative forces that are deeply engrained in Netflix's portfolio anyway, the film has already become a major hit for the streamer, posting their best stats of the year so far. The official Top 10 website for Netflix has been updated to reveal the first numbers for the film, revealing that The Adam Project was streamed 92.43 million hours in its first three days of release, making it the biggest movie debut on Netflix of 2022 and the biggest since Don't Look Up back in December.

Compared to other films that have released this year on Netflix, The Adam Project is far and away the biggest. Documentary The Tinder Swindler had the previous #1 debut of the year on the streamer with 45.8 million hours streamed in its first week of release, putting The Adam Project at over double that. According to Deadline The Adam Project has the #3 "opening weekend" for a movie on Netflix, just behind Red Notice (another Reynolds' vehicle) and Don't Look Up. Netflix's released data only covers to the summer of 2021 however so it's possible another film release prior to that point had a higher weekend.

Netflix largely measures the success of their films by the "Hours viewed in first 28 days" and based on what the Top 10 for the entirety of the streamer is as of this writing then The Adam Project will quickly join those ranks. The #10 movie on that list is Enola Holmes, which was viewed 189.9 million hours in its first 28 days. Barring an unforeseen collapse by The Adam Project, it could very well clear that number this time next week, as Netflix releases tend to build in their second week especially with good word of mouth.

Two other Ryan Reynolds movies are on the current Top 10 Netflix movies of all time with 6 Underground sitting at #8 with 205.47 million hours viewed in its first 28 days and Red Notice the #1 movie of all-time on Netflix with 364 million hours streamed in its first 28 days. It may be hard for The Adam Project to catch up to Red Notice but it seems like almost a guarantee that Netflix's Top 10 will have three Ryan Reynolds movies VERY soon.