Nicolas Cage's Mandy Getting a New VHS Run

Mandy, the trippy revenge-horror movie starring Nicolas Cage, is getting a VHS release...yes, again. The film, which first came to the format in 2020, will be limited to 150 copies, which will come packaged in a book-style big box case, with a flip-open cover. Rather than the standard cover art (or even the custom VHS cover it got last time around), this time Mandy will be packaged in what looks like a Cheddar Goblin mac and cheese box, and the tape itself will be yellow, to reflect the store-bought mac-and-cheese gimmick of the release.

The latest Mandy tape will go up for pre-order on Tuesday, August 2nd 12pm ET/9am PT in the Broke Horror Fan online shop. The standard edition with art by Vasilis Zikos in a black clamshell will also be restocked (150 units), along with a very small quantity of big boxes (on red tapes) and variant cover clamshells leftover from the first run.

The film was funded in part by Legion M, a fan-funded investment and production firm that has also had a hand in movies like Jay & Silent Bob Reboot and Memory: The Origins of Alien. Legion M is a great way to get some merch from small-budget cult hits that otherwise would be unlikely to have t-shirts, plushes, and other cool perks released officially. Cheddar Goblin has turned out to be a fairly lucrative product line for the Mandy folks, with plushes, t-shirts, enamel pins, and more.

A mainstream commercial movie getting a VHS release, of course, is pretty rare, too. There are a number of small venues for VHS collectors to find movies made long after the format went largely out of fashion. It's rare to get films that aren't ultra-independent or nostalgic reissues on VHS, but not completely unheard of when it comes to movies with a committed cult audience of fans. Broke Horror Fan and Witter Entertainment have made releases for recent movies like Yoga Hosers, Black Friday, Satanic Panic, and Willy's Wonderland.

To approximate the most common experience in VHS viewing, the film has been cropped from its original aspect ratio to 4:3 full frame. It is officially licensed from RLJE Films, and has been approved by producers SpectreVision. Only available in the U.S., one of each variant per customer checkout will be allowed.  

You can keep an eye on Mandy's entry in the online shop here.