NSYNC Will Reportedly Release First Song in 20 Years for New Trolls Movie

Trolls Band Together is about to make a lot of '90s kids very happy.

It's "Bye Bye Bye" no more as *NSYNC says hello again for the first time in two decades. It's being reported that the famous boy band is reuniting in honor of the upcoming film, Trolls Band Together. This marks the third feature film of the Trolls universe, which all star *NSYNC alum Justin Timberlake as Branch. Today, ET Online broke the news that the animated threequel will feature a new song by *NSYNC, which will mark the boy band's first collaboration since 2001's "Girlfriend." 

The trailer for Trolls Band Together teases the movie will see Branch reuniting with his former boy band, so it makes perfect sense for Timberlake to get back together with Chris Kirkpatrick, JC Chasez, Lance Bass, and Joey Fatone. While this will mark *NSYNC's first new song in over 20 years, some of the band members have performed together recently. Last year, three members of the band performed at WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss and singer Ryan Cabrera's wedding. 

What Is Trolls Band Together About?

You can read Dreamworks' description of Trolls Band Together here: "After two films of true friendship and relentless flirting, Poppy (Anna Kendrick) and Branch (Justin Timberlake) are now officially, finally, a couple (#broppy)! As they grow closer, Poppy discovers that Branch has a secret past. He was once part of her favorite boyband phenomenon, BroZone, with his four brothers: Floyd (Golden Globe-nominated electropop sensation Troye Sivan), John Dory (Eric André; Sing 2), Spruce (Grammy winner Daveed Diggs; Hamilton) and Clay (Grammy winner Kid Cudi; Don't Look Up). BroZone disbanded when Branch was still a baby, as did the family, and Branch hasn't seen his brothers since."

Barbie's *NSYNC Joke Explained:

Barbie has been dominating theaters, earning $1 billion in only 17 days and beating multiple box office records. The movie is being praised by critics and moviegoers alike and currently has an 88% critics score and 83% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. Many will agree the film is flawless, but there is one tiny detail that could be considered a plot hole. When Allan (Michael Cera) attempts to escape Barbie Land after it's been taken over by Kens, he reveals Allans have successfully moved the to Real World in the past. Allan says that every member of the boy band *NSYNC is actually an Allan ("even him," referring to Justin Timberlake). While this is a hilarious joke, it does leave us with one big question...

At the beginning of the film, Helen Mirren's Narrator introduces Allan and reveals "there are no multiples" of the doll. Allan responds, saying he never understood why. So, if every member of *NSYNC is an Allan, wouldn't they all have Michael Cera's face? The joke is undeniably funny because it implies the entire band is made up of generic and basic men like Allan, who only exists to be Ken's friend and fit in his clothes. The joke could be implying that all of the members of *NSYNC look the same, but we know they don't, so it feels like a borderline plot hole. 

It is worth noting that '90s girlies know *NSYNC is more than just a bunch of Allans, but we also can't resist a good joke. In fact, Barbie director Greta Gerwig is a Justin Timberlake fan and even wrote him a personal letter asking him to use one of his songs in Lady Bird (via Entertainment Weekly). 

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