Patton Oswalt Would "Absolutely" Do a Ratatouille Sequel

While Pixar Animation Studios was long known for its original animated films, the past decade or so saw all of its biggest and most popular properties get additional movies. There are now four movies in the Toy Story franchise and three Cars films. The Incredibles and Finding Nemo each got their own sequel while Monsters Inc. got a prequel. Only a couple of the major Pixar hits remain standalone, and one of them is director Brad Bird's Oscar-winning adventure, Rataouille.

Fans have been asking for a Rataouille sequel ever since the movie was released in 2007, but Bird has never been one to give his films the follow-up treatment. That changed with Incredibles 2 in 2018 and had everyone wondering if Ratatouille would be next. Could Remy the rat make a comeback? Bird hasn't exactly been positive about the idea of Ratatouille 2, but star Patton Oswalt is all-in on a sequel if the writer/director comes up with a story.

"Oh absolutely," Oswalt told The Hollywood Reporter. "Any sequel to Ratatouille hinges on Brad Bird coming up with an idea that he likes and would want to pursue. I love that Pixar goes with the pace of the creators. They wait until something amazing happens. So, if he drew up something, that would mean that a truly big inspiration had hit him and he wants to do it. I would absolutely run and do that."

Bird has already returned to Pixar once with a sequel to his first film with the studio, The Incredibles. Incredibles 2 broke multiple box office records upon its release last summer, and it featured all of the same vocal stars from the original film, despite coming nearly 15 years later. The hope would be that Bird would offer the same treatment for Ratatouille, if he came up with a story he liked.

Whether or not we ever see a Ratatouille sequel is still up for debate, but nearly everyone can agree that the movie is an absolute classic for Pixar. This includes Oswalt, who talked during the interview about his wonderful experience recording Ratatouille.


"Ratatouille definitely taught me just to relax and trust my voice a little bit because I was in there, I said, 'I'm going to bring a voice to this. I've got to bring a character to this,'" he explained. "They're like, 'No, you can just use your own voice. We just want you to talk like yourself and to do that and see it like work.' That just was really, really gratifying and filled me with a lot of confidence for future jobs."

Would you like to see a Ratatouille sequel in the future? What other Pixar movies need new installments? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!