The One And Only Ivan's Ron Funches Is Ready For A Super Hero Role

Ron Funches is no stranger to comic books, nor the TV shows and movies which they inspire. The [...]

Ron Funches is no stranger to comic books, nor the TV shows and movies which they inspire. The actor whose most recent work called for voicing Murphy the rabbit in Disney+'s The One and Only Ivan has been voicing King Shark on the popular Harley Quinn series through its first two seasons. While he is genuinely thrilled about being a part of the star-studded casts for titles he has worked on, he does enthusiastically admit that he would love to be a part of a live-action movie in the Marvel or DC Comics franchises and his deep knowledge of characters wouldn't let him refrain from sharing some characters he'd really love to be.

"I'd love to, I'd love to," Funches says about being in a comic book movie. "I would be comic relief, that's fine. But also, if they wanna put me through the exercise program, I'd be a good Bishop, I believe. If they want, I would go ahead, tattoo the M on my eye. I don't care." Funches as the time traveling mutant burdened with warning the X-Men of a troubled future? Let's not rule it out!

"I'm such a nerd," Funches adds. "So many varieties, it's one of the reasons I have this border up behind me is not to show the mass wall of wrestling action figures that is behind me that they did not want me to showcase! But yeah, I'm a general nerd of all types. One of my best friends is like, a huge comic book collector. We're both stand-up comedians and any time we go to, I'm always going with him to comic book stores, he's always going with me to wrestling matches. I also, you know, I play King Shark in Harley Quinn so like, I use that to get free comic books and free action figures whenever I can."

As for whether or not he has a preference between Marvel or DC, Funches gives the only logical answer: "I don't really have a preference, I love both."

"I just like superheroes and stuff but I will tell you that my favorite hero of all-time is John Stewart, the Green Lantern," Funches says. "Just black Green Lantern because as you know, I'm a black man, I was like 'Oh, he's fun, he's intelligent, he's an architect. He can do a lotta things and he has the power of this ring. And he can fly jets and stuff!' So it's great!"

Funches can be heard voicing Murphy the rabbit in The One and Only Ivan on Disney+ which is available now!