Ryan Reynolds Reacts to Viral Free Guy Trick or Treater

Ryan Reynolds had some nice words for one Free Guy trick or treater. Young Dylan Suiter captured the hearts of tons of people online by sharing the wealth on Halloween. The 9-year-old Vandalia resident dressed up as the main character of Reynolds' latest movie. Upon approaching a house where the candy bowl was empty, he was about to turn away but thought better of it. Suited decided to refill the bowl with some of his candy and the Internet couldn't handle it. Cara Evans was the homeowner in question and she told WHIOTV that everyone couldn't believe it."He seemed excited to do it, it was really touching," Evans explained. "I was in tears and so was my daughter!"

No good deed goes unnoticed though and it wouldn't be long before the Deadpool star had some words for the 9-year-old viral sensation. Suited earned himself one high-profile fans with this random act of kindness. His mother was absolutely floored, telling the outlet, "It's crazy how far one little random act of kindness can go." Check out what Reynolds had to say down below.

Reynolds would probably agree that his youngest fan symbolizes the kind of goodness they were aiming for with Free Guy. Expectations might not have been that high when the movie was announced. But, that bright reaction from theater-goers says all you need to know about how this project connected with the fanbase. (Getting green-lighted for that sequel says Disney does too.)

"Well, I mean, I do think that people can become whatever they want within realism. I will never be a gold medal downhill slalom skier. I know that now. But I can learn to ski. I think that if we really spend a little bit of time focused on ourselves and understanding how important connectivity is. And I think the sky's the limit. I think that there's all sorts of... I mean, if the last year taught us anything it's that we can spend a little time on ourselves too. It's not the worst thing in the world to spend a little time looking inward and thinking, 'How can I make this vessel that houses all these neuroses and weird ideas about itself feel a little bit better?' And I think that's been one of the few gifts of a really difficult time recently. So yeah," the star told Comicbook.com.


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