Ryan Reynolds Shares Wild Fan Art Featuring His Free Guy Character Wearing Tony Stark's Nano Gauntlet

Ryan Reynolds' Free Guy was released over the summer and ended becoming one of the highest-rated action comedies of all time. In addition to the top-billed cast, the movie features lots of exciting cameos. Channing TatumChris EvansHugh JackmanDwayne Johnson, and John Krasinski all made appearances in the movie, some stealthier than others. Fans were especially thrilled by the appearance of Evans, who is seen towards the end of the film reacting to Reynolds' character, Guy, using Cap's shield. Reynolds' nods to the MCU have inspired some fans to take things a step further with some wild fan art. In fact, the actor recently took to his Instagram stories to share a piece by @erathrim20 which features Guy rocking Tony Stark's Nano Gauntlet from Avengers: Endgame

Not only is Guy about to save the world with the Infinity Stones in the fan art, but there are also a ton of fun easter eggs hidden in the picture. You can spot Deadpool, Wolverine, and more. Reynolds shared the image to his stories without a caption, so rather than linking to the page that will soon disappear, you can view the original post below: 

During an interview with CinemaBlend, Free Guy director Shawn Levy revealed just how fast they filmed Evans' cameo.

"Literally Ryan just texted Chris Evans, because I guess all handsome movie stars know each other? It's some network that us normal humans aren't allowed in. But he knew that Chris was filming Defending Jacob in Boston, and he said 'If you could come by our set, and if Shawn can get you in and out in 10 minutes, will you come and do this cameo?' And Chris, being the cool guy that he seems to be, and in fact is, said yeah. Literally, he drove by our set, I had a camera waiting, we filmed him in five minutes, he was on his way. And that's how that happened," Levy shared.

During a press conference with Reynolds, ComicBook.com asked about Evans' cameo and Reynolds also talked about how the Marvel star jumped right in.

"The thing I will always... There's so much that's been written about the film industry and show business in Hollywood and so much... You read so many things that are just so utterly terrible about that industry and the people in it. Largely true. But there is actually a community there that is real. And there are a lot of people within that community that are wonderful. And the thing I'll never take for granted is the idea that you can be shooting a movie that big, like Free Guy, and call someone up and just be like, 'Is there any way you'd maybe jump in and do this little cameo?' Chris [Evans] happened to live in Boston was like, 'I'll be there in five minutes,'" Reynolds shared.

He added, "I mean, it wasn't even a... He didn't ask what it was. I could've said it's the most graphic nude scene you will ever do in your life. But he didn't even ask. He just showed up. He was there. We had him shot in and out in less than five minutes. He required nothing. He just was like, 'For the love of the game.' And I've known Chris for probably 10 years now. And so that was great."

Free Guy is being released on Blu-ray and DVD on October 12th