Ryan Reynolds Calls Out Stranger Things Star for Saving His Beverage When Barricade Nearly Crushed Him

Crowds at comic con events can be overwhelming. Sometimes the spaces are cramped. Sometimes the spaces are loud. Sometimes the spaces literally have a crowd that will take down a barricade for a chance to get near their favorite celebrity. This was the scene at Brazil's CCXP when Ryan Reynolds went down to a barricade in front of a stage to take selfies and sign autographs with fans. In that moment, Reynolds took a second to make sure the fans were alright, while Stranger Things star Joe Keery ran for his life, though Keery made sure to pick up his drink on the way out.

Reynolds appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in promotion of his upcoming 6 Underground film on Netflix.

"A barricade came down, it was kind of scary," Reynolds recalled. "It was at the Brazil Comic Con, the CCXP comic con. It's an amazing comic con, but, yeah."

Fallon had his team play the clip, bringing back the memories.

"It all sort of felt like slow motion, though. They're falling, you're thinking, 'Oh my God, is someone gonna get hurt?'" Reynolds said. "You can see they're all kinda falling evenly and it's like, 'They're all going down, they're gonna be okay,' and then it's, 'Oh my legs are not gonna be okay!'"

In the clip, though, Keery can clearly be seen scooping his drink from the scene and bailing.

"You can see him saving his beverage," Reynolds points out. "That guy is uncomfortable with the word 'hero.' It was like The Big Lebowski, 'I got a beverage, man!'"

The whole thing is all in good fun as the comic con crowd was excited to meet some of their favorite actors and Keery might have actually had the right idea in getting far, far away from the chaos.


Keery might be a bit more heroic on Stranger Things. For now, fans can't get through barricades to meet the actors, but they can catch Reynolds in the Michael Bay-directed 6 Underground. The movie currently has a "Rotten" score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Reynolds' 6 Underground movie is available now on Netflix.