Ryan Reynolds & Will Ferrell's Spirited Trailer Released

Apple TV+ has released the official trailer for Spirited, an upcoming musical comedy riff on Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol, which stars Will Ferrell, Octavia Spencer, and Ryan Reynolds. The movie casts Reynolds in the Scrooge role (give or take, as they say in the official synopsis), with Ferrell as the Ghost of Christmas Present. In the film, the Dickens story exists and is widely known, so Reynolds is feeling a little surreal about the whole thing. Yeah, it's kind of like Scrooged, but...Ryan Reynolds!

Reynolds's distinctive voice and brand is very present in the announcement, which reads, "Imagine Charles Dickens' heartwarming tale of a scrooge visited by four ghosts on Christmas Eve -- but funnier. And with Will Ferrell, Ryan Reynolds, and Octavia Spencer. Also, huge musical numbers. Okay, we're asking a lot. Maybe just watch the trailer?" Can't you just hear that coming out of Reynolds, while he sips on an Aviation Gin?

You can take them up on the offer to watch the trailer below.

Over on LinkedIn, Reynolds shared the trailer, tagging friend and Deadpool 3 co-star Hugh Jackman, whose birthday is today. He wrote, "This year, I'm giving you the gift of being much worse than you at singing and dancing." Well played.

Spirited was written and directed by Sean Anders and John Morris, who worked with Ferrell on the Daddy's Home movies. Ferrell's Gloria Sanchez, Reynolds' Maximum Effort, and Mosaic are producing the holiday film. Collider previously reported that Reynolds will take on the part of an Ebenezer Scrooge-like character, putting him in the crosshairs of the various ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. Ferrell is expected to play the Ghost of Christmas Present and Spencer is signed on to play Reynolds' "good-natured co-worker."

Here's the synopsis for the film:

This isn't your great great great great great great grandparents' Christmas Carol (give or take). Starring Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrell, and Octavia Spencer, Spirited is in theaters November 11 and streaming November 18 on Apple TV+