Samuel L. Jackson Explains Why He Keeps Coming Back to Quentin Tarantino

Samuel L. Jackson talked about Tarantino while celebrating Pulp Fiction's 30th anniversary.

This year marks 30 years since Quentin Tarantino's second feature film, Pulp Fiction was released. The movie was nominated for seven Academy Awards back in 1995, and Tarantino won for Best Original Screenplay. Among the nominees was Samuel L. Jackson, who has worked with Tarantino many times throughout his career. First, the actor appeared in True Romance, which was directed by Tony Scott and written by Tarantino. Then, he went on to star in Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Django Unchained, and The Hateful Eight. He also made cameos in Kill Bill: Volume 2 and Inglourious Basterds. This week, some of the cast of Pulp Fiction reunited at the TCM Festival to celebrate the film's anniversary. While chatting with AP Entertainment, Jackson explained why he loves working with Tarantino.

"Tarantino films are very different in that, yes, they are character-driven," Jackson explained. "So when you read a Tarantino script, you all of a sudden find yourself knowing you're going to have a lot to say about who you are and how you feel about things rather than reading five pages of, 'OK, drive fast, look this way, the car is going over a curb.'"

"So there are a lot of more things that you have to embody as a character and bring with you to do it," he continued. "The fact that I spent years and years in theater helped me a lot to embrace what Quentin does. And he appreciates it in another way because he knows that I'm used to giving speeches, and I like it."

What Will Be Tarantino's Last Film?

Tarantino has long said that his tenth film would be his last, and it was previously announced that the movie in question would be called The Movie Critic. There have been many casting rumors about the film since it was announced, and Tarantino was setting production plans into motion. However, Tarantino surprised fans this week by announcing he was no longer moving forward with the film.

According to a report from Deadline, Tarantino is still planning to retire after this 10th film, but The Movie Critic won't be it. 

The film was to be set in 1977 and follow a cynical movie critic, based heavily on a critic whose work Tarantino read a lot growing up. Deadline's report suggests that Brad Pitt was set for a lead role in the film, reuniting him with Tarantino for a third project together. It was also said that Pitt would be playing Cliff Booth again, the role that won him an Oscar for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Stay tuned for more updates about Tarantino's final film.