San Andreas Producer Teases Sequel Plans for Dwayne Johnson's Disaster Flick

It's a good time to be in the Dwayne Johnson business. Jungle Cruise is already getting a sequel, the hype for Black Adam couldn't be higher, and Red Notice is already breaking records for Netflix. Johnson is on a hot streak, along with his production team over at Seven Bucks, and they're hoping to only get hotter in the coming years. The future plans include new projects at a variety of different studios, as well as potential returns to earlier movies that would still have something left in the tank. Johnson's 2015 disaster film San Andreas looks to be one of the titles Seven Bucks wants to continue exploring.

Seven Bucks production head Hiram Garcia spoke with Screen Rant ahead of Red Notice's Netflix debut, and he opened up about the future for San Andreas. According to the producer, there are ideas in place to continue that franchise.

"We actually have ideas," Garcia said. "We're working on something there on how we can continue that story. So, look, disaster movies are so much fun, and that was such a great concept. Our friend, Beau Flynn, had come up with the idea of being like, 'You know what? You love disaster movies. And I would love the idea to do something based around a giant earthquake in the San Andreas fault.' So New Line and Warners have always wanted a sequel to that. So we've been working hard to figure out how we could crack something in that space. But we'd love to be able to continue telling the story in that world. And I agree with you, there's something to just the big cataclysmic... I feel like Roland Emmerich is the master of that. He's, that is no one wants to destroy the world more but we'd like to try and take a couple little pieces of it and see what we can blow up as well."

San Andreas told the story of a series of devastating earth quakes, and the rescue chopper pilot who has to navigate the aftermath in order to rescue his daughter. The film made $474 million when it was released six years ago, on a budget of around $110 million. Johnson would go on to reteam with director Brad Peyton on Rampage just two years later.

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