Netflix Has a Page Where You Can Request TV Shows and Movies

Netflix is notorious among its 125 million reported users for consistently updating its library of movies and television shows.

But with all of that turnover, as well as the numerous agreements the company has to make with various studios and production companies to house their products, the streaming service simply doesn't have everything its users could possibly want.

When this happens, users will either give up and move on to something else or directly message the company's social media pages asking for them to add something. It turns out there's a third option, though it's one very few users actually know about.

Netflix's website has a special page dubbed "Title Request" where users can give up to three suggestions at once for a movie or show they want the service to add. You can check out the page here.

The request page has been a feature on the website for a while, but many users didn't find out about it until a particular interaction on Twitter.

On June 1, the Twitter profile "imnotdudan" messaged Netflix's Philippines account asking for the Chelsea Peretti Netflix comedy special One of the Greats to be added to the Phillippines' library.

The company account responded with, "You know the drill" and posted a link to the title request page.

But, as Peretti was quick to point out, many users didn't know that was the drill.

"LITERALLY NO ONE KNOWS THAT DRILL," Peretti shouted as she retweeted the interaction.

"That's a thing?? Way to not tell anyone, [Netflix]," a fan wrote.

"Definitely not familiar with the drill," wrote another.

Along with producing its own original series, films and specials, Netflix has made a name for itself in reviving shows that were canceled by other networks. Some examples include Lucifer, Arrested Development, Longmire, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and The Killing.

A recent survey by Cowen & Co. recently discovered in a survey that Netflix is beating out other streaming services like Hulu and YouTube as well as broadcast television for their No. 1 choice for consuming video content.


"Over the long term, assuming [Netflix] is able to continue to increasingly offer great content, this lead clearly bodes well for further value creation," the analysts wrote after collecting their findings.

Some of Netflix's additions for the weekend include the second season of the Netflix Original Series 3% and a new documentary Bobby Kennedy for President.