Shang-Chi: New Evidence Supports Fin Fang Foom Debut

It's been speculated for quite some time that Fin Fang Foom would finally make his Marvel [...]

It's been speculated for quite some time that Fin Fang Foom would finally make his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. As it turns out, the sleuths at Murphy's Multiverse have manage to uncover more details that seem to support the character's introduction next July.

According to Murphy and his team, the massive practical set we've seen pictures of in Australia is likely The Valley of the Sleeping Dragon, the resting place of the aforementioned Makluan. First introduced in an Iron Man comic — Iron Man #261, to be exact — the valley is a village built around Foom in an attempt to keep him asleep, that way, he doesn't wreak havoc on the world.

Despite beginning production last year, the film was delayed as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic the swept across the world beginning in May. As Australia was one of the first major countries to get somewhat of a control over stopping the spread of the virus, production was allowed to restart in July. In fact, the movie is far enough along that it will now hit theaters before The Eternals.

Staying in Australia over the four-month break in production, Shang-Chi star Simu Liu took to his Instagram earlier this year to share his mindset regarding the film and its production process.

"To take a quote from Stan Lee, the legend himself, 'With great power there must also come great responsibility'," Liu explained. "But I think the reason I have the platform I do is because I've leaned into my Asianness. If you are going to ask an entire population to support you, to rally behind you and give you a platform, I won't shy away from that responsi­bility. I feel like we've been shying away from it as people for too long, especially the children of immigrants who are taught to keep their heads down. We have reached the limit of that philosophy."

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is currently set to hit theaters on July 9, 2021.

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