Should Robert Downey, Jr. Get Best Actor Nomination For Iron Man?


When Iron Man first hit movie theaters this past summer, there was much buzz about the possibility of Robert Downey, Jr. getting an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor. The argument was that it was about time that the Academy Award recognized a comic book movie, and Robert Downey, Jr. had just given the best performance by an actor in a comic book movie ever. Then, The Dark Knight premiered in movie theaters and instantly took over all the comic book movie Oscar buzz. Robert Downey, Jr.'s time as the best actor ever in a comic book movie had been a short reign, as Heath Ledger quickly became the new king. Now, with Ledger almost certain to get a posthumous nod for Best Supporting Actor for his riveting performance as The Joker, it's almost as if he has filled the quota for comic book movie actors. It will be a shame if the Academy does not also recognize Robert Downey, Jr. with a Best Actor nomination for his role as Tony Stark in Iron Man. However, it's probably a long shot that the Academy will risk the chance of actors in comic book movies winning for both Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor.