Space Jam Heading to HBO Max Ahead of Sequel's Summer Debut

Everybody get up; Space Jam is making its way to HBO Max in just a couple of weeks. Fans of the [...]

Everybody get up; Space Jam is making its way to HBO Max in just a couple of weeks. Fans of the classic Michael Jordan movie have been excited for the sequel to arrive this summer, but the original hasn't had a streaming service to call home for quite a while. That changes in April. Space Jam is going to be added to the roster on HBO Max, allowing fans to watch the revisit the film again before Space Jam: A New Legacy premieres in July.

On Tuesday afternoon, HBO Max unveiled the full list of movies and TV shows that are being added to its lineup in the month of April. Space Jam was thankfully a part of that lineup, and it will be made available to stream on April 1st.

This gives fans two-and-a-half months to watch Space Jam before A New Legacy arrives, so everyone can be caught up by the time the adventure resumes.

First released in 1996, Space Jam sees the legendary Michael Jordan join forces with the characters of the Looney Tunes for a game of basketball, only their futures are on the line. The team goes up against the vicious Monstars, who stole their abilities from NBA stars.

In the follow-up film, LeBron James will be taking over the lead role, and the story will be quite different from the original film. Instead of simply serving as a direct sequel, A New Legacy will be telling another story altogether, one that focuses on the relationship between a father and son.

"It's not a sequel," James told the hosts of Road Trippin'. "It's called Space Jam: A New Legacy, it's not called Space Jam 2. There will be a basketball game, I'll say that. And there will be some people that are a little out of this world that we're competing against."

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