Sylvester Stallone Teases New 'Rambo' Movie Is Coming

Rambo star Sylvester Stallone is teasing that a new entry in the Rambo franchise might end up [...]

Rambo star Sylvester Stallone is teasing that a new entry in the Rambo franchise might end up being right around the corner.

Rambo is one of Stallone's most iconic franchises, and it's been since 2008 since we saw the last entry, the self-titled Rambo. Stallone is now teasing the long-rumored Rambo 5 is coming though, sharing an image of John Rambo with his red bandanna with the caption "SOMETHING WICKED IS COMING THIS WAY..."

It's likely laying the foundation for an official announcement for Rambo 5, which at one point Stallone said might be unlikely. It seems things have turned around though for the new film, and hopefully, we'll get either a poster or trailer sometime soon.


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The last entry in the franchise came in 2008 and was produced on a budget of $50 million. The film earned over $42 million domestically, adding in another $70 million internationally for a $113 million dollar box office haul.

If Rambo 5 was produced on a similar lower budget, it could probably still do quite well at the box office, though it would be hard to be bloodier than the last film, as the over the top brutality of the action was hard to forget.

As for Rambo 5, you can find the synopsis for the film below.

"When the daughter of one of his friends is kidnapped, Rambo, who has been working on a ranch, crosses the U.S.-Mexican border and quickly finds himself up against the full might of one of Mexico's most violent criminals" is how the film was described earlier this year by Deadline. That outlet also indicated that Sylvester Stallone, whose role in First Blood and its multiple sequels solidified Stallone as one of the most memorable action stars of all time, was on board to develop a script for the film as well as star."

Rambo 5 has no release date yet.

So are you excited for Rambo 5?