Watch a Herd of T-Rex Cosplayers Have the Weirdest Race You'll Ever See

If normal marathons and horse races aren't your kind of thing, a whole new kind of competition has been gaining attention online -- and it might make you want to cue up the Jurassic Park theme. A video from the Emerald Downs racetrack in Auburn, Washington has recently gone viral, which showcases a "T-Rex race" that was recently held at their facility.

The contest is exactly what it sounds like, in which about two dozen people dressed in T-Rex costumes try to race across the Downs. Given the inflatable nature and silly proportions of the costumes, quite a lot of hilarity quickly ensued.

The race was reportedly put on by the TriGuard pest control company, and it's safe to say that they are appreciating the overwhelmingly positive response to the event.

"The crowd response is the best part of the event," Cody Bennett, a sales manager at TriGuard, told NPR. "The kids love us, and we enjoy taking pictures with them before and after the race. It's always enjoyable to hear the adults making bets with each other on which T-Rex will win."

This marks the third year in a row that the T-Rex race has been put on, with last year's proceedings drawing the attention of ESPN. Apparently, that media attention led to the race being held in a more formal manner, including using the track's official starting gate.

"The first year, we attended the race in Hawaiian themed clothing," Bennett revealed. "The next year we thought it would be funny to come wearing togas, and Emerald Downs was kind enough to have us race on the track in our togas... The third, fourth, and fifth years we have raced in our T-Rex suits on the track, and everyone seems to love it."

At the time of this writing, the video of this year's race has earned over 23 million views on Facebook alone, so it's safe to say that other people love it as well. It's unclear exactly what the future holds for the T-Rex race, although Bennett hinted that they will find a way to "kick it up a notch".


Thankfully, there are more unique racing events being held at Emerald Down, with the location recently hosting a "Weiner Dog Sunday" race last weekend. On August 4th, 72 corgis are expected to take the track.

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