Taron Egerton Says James Bond and Wolverine Fan-Casting Is "Flattering" and "Frustrating"

For a number of years, Taron Egerton's skills as a performer have made him the center of various casting rumors, with James Bond and the X-Men's Wolverine being the roles his name is often attached to, though the actor himself that these reports are both "flattering" and "frustrating." In some cases, support from fans can result in a performer actually securing a role, but Egerton explained how the rumor mill spiraling out of control causes complications with the realities of actually getting the opportunity to take on those roles. There are currently no confirmed plans of when a new actor will be taking over as Wolverine or as James Bond.

"It's actually quite frustrating, to be honest. Because, particularly with those roles -- and I don't even want to mention them -- particularly with those roles that are very universally adored, they're really exciting prospects," Egerton recalled to GamesRadar+. "But what I find is that I'm kind of damned if I do and I'm damned if I don't. No matter what I say, it gets spun into something that I end up feeling a little bit misrepresented by, or very misrepresented by. So I'm going to try and not talk about it anymore I think."

He added, "It's really flattering that some people want me to play those roles but I think the sad fact of it is, I think the more that I get asked about it, the more the chances probably dwindle."

With Marvel specifically, Brie Larson was a frontrunner among fans to take on the role of Carol Danvers, with Larson announced as taking on the role back in 2016, resulting in her being intrinsically linked with her Marvel Cinematic Universe role. Another actor whose name was often tossed out by fans for taking on an iconic role is John Krasinski as Reed Richards in a new Fantastic Four, with that speculation becoming a reality in last year's Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. That appearance, however, was confirmed to merely be a cameo to please fans as opposed to a reveal for a long-running tenure for Krasinski in the franchise.

As far as James Bond, the decision of an actor is typically dependent on a specific director's vision for a new film, which makes it difficult for fan speculation about such roles to come true, and given how secretive the details of those films are, casting decisions usually come as a major surprise.

Stay tuned for details on the future of James Bond and Wolverine.

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