Teens React To Back To The Future Part II

The latest installment of Fine Brothers Entertainment's popular "Teens React" series has the young whippersnappers providing reactions to Robert Zemeckis' 1989 classic Back to the Future Part II.

The film is getting a lot of attention these days because when Doc Brown, Marty McFly and his girlfriend Jennifer Parker traveled into the future they arrived on October 21, 2015, which is just several days away from becoming the past. That thought has the teens in the video losing their minds. They also have some fun reactions to the self-tying shoes, self-drying clothes, hoverboard, instant-pizza and flying cars.

As of November, the film will be 26-years-old. That means every reaction is coming from someone who wasn't even born when the film opened in theaters. Just pointing that out to make sure some of us old geezers, that saw it in theaters, feel super-ancient.

Check it out in the video below.


Getting back was only the beginning as the most spectacular time-travel adventure ever continues in Back to the Future Part II - the sequel that proves that lightning can strike twice! Picking up precisely where they left off, Marty and Doc (Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd) launch themselves to the year 2015 to fine-tune the future and inadvertently disrupt the space time continuum. Now, their only chance to fix the present is by going back to 1955 all over again before it is too late.