Tessa Thompson Hid a Copy of 'Saga' in 'Furlough'

Tessa Thompson, the actor best known for playing Valkyrie in Thor: Raganrok and Charlotte Hale on Westworld, made a comedy film last year called Furlough alongside Melissa Leo. Thanks to an inquisitive fan on Twitter, we now know she was reading something extra special during one of their scenes.

Twitter user, @NerdyNahadoth, noticed Thompson was reading a graphic novel while riding the bus in the film, and decided to ask her what it was since the cover "looked interesting." Turns out, the answer is a good one.

"The actual inside was Saga," Thompson explained. "The outside cover was something that the prop designer made when I asked for a graphic novel for the character."

Here's what the book looked like in the film:

(Photo: IFC Films)

It's no surprise to learn that Saga was hidden inside, especially since Thompson has expressed her love for the comic book series before. Back in 2017, a fan tweeted that she would make a great Alana in a Saga film, and the actor was quick to respond.

Later that same day, she stressed the point with another post, this time using a photo of Alana reading.

While there's currently no talks of Saga getting adapted for the screen, we're inclined to agree that she would make an awesome addition to the hypothetical casting. Unfortunately, co-creator Brian K. Vaughn has stated that he's not very interested in seeing the story adapted because it was created specifically for him to be able to write the type of content that does not typically make it to film or television.

However, Vaughn has said he wouldn't rule it out completely if the right offer was made. Considering Marvel's Runaways is now a television series and an adaptation of Y: The Last Man is also on its way to the small screen, we wouldn't be surprised if Vaughn's other big creation eventually got adapted.

Vaughn created Saga with artist Fiona Staples back in 2012. The space opera follows Marko and Alana, a husband and wife from opposing armies in a cosmic war. The existence of their child makes the family a threat to both sides of the fight, so they are forced to live on the run. Currently, there are 54 issues available, but the series is on a hiatus.

Tessa Thompson has tons of new projects in the works. You can catch her this year in the highly-anticipated Men in Black: International as well as Passing, a new film written and directed by actress Rebecca Hall. Currently, Thompson is in production for a live action Lady and the Tramp in which she'll be voicing Lady opposite Justin Theroux's Tramp.


Men in Black: International hits theaters on June 14th.