The Batman: How Zoe Kravitz Inspired One of the Film's Funniest Moments

The Batman was easily one of the most buzzed-about blockbuster films of this year, offering an epic and fresh take on the mythos of the DC universe. At times, the film was somewhat of an emotional roller coaster, but it still found moments of levity — and apparently, one of them is thanks to Selina Kyle / Catwoman actress Zoe Kravitz. According to a new profile of Kravitz in GQ, she became incredibly collaborative during the filming process of The Batman, even suggesting to Reeves that her version of Selina should collect stray cats in her apartment. Kravitz reportedly "immediately" came up with a way to justify it onscreen, by having Bruce Wayne / Batman (Robert Pattinson) remark "You have a lot of cats." After the joke made director and co-writer Matt Reeves laugh, it ultimately ended up in the finished film.

"I like to do a lot of takes because I don't want to do too much rehearsal," Reeves said of their collaborative process. "And she just loved that. She would be like, 'Okay, let's go again.' She just wanted to be good."

Will there be a Catwoman spinoff?

While a Catwoman spinoff has yet to be confirmed, the events of The Batman definitely left fans eager to see more of Selina's story — and according to Reeves, it's something he wouldn't be opposed to exploring.

"You should really talk to the HBO Max reps!" Reeves said at a press conference before The Batman's release. "I mean, look, what we're really trying to do is to launch this world. If the world embraces this, we have a lot of ideas we want to do and sure we want Selina to continue. Their relationship and what they are to each other is, to me, that's the heart of the movie is the push-pull between the two of them and the way that she's going to evolve and where all of that will go so, we're talking about a lot of things. Of course, we're talking about a lot of things but we're about to release this movie and it really comes down to how people receive it."

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A sequel to The Batman is currently in the works.