Netflix Releases First Trailer for Medieval Epic The King

Over the past few years, Netflix has been getting bigger and more ambitious with its original [...]

Over the past few years, Netflix has been getting bigger and more ambitious with its original feature films. The streaming service has been giving bigger budgets and copious amounts of freedom to some of the most well-known creators in the entire industry, and the result is more movies like The King, the upcoming medieval epic from acclaimed director David Michod.

The King tells the story of King Henry V, played by Oscar nominee Timothee Chalamet, taking over the English throne following the death of his father. It's clear that Henry doesn't want any part of wearing the crown, but he must do what's necessary to serve his country. On Tuesday morning, Netflix released the first trailer for The King, and you can check it out in the video above.

Michod gained popularity with critics and fans for his first two feature films, Animal Kingdom and The Rover, the former of which spawned the hit TV series on TNT. Michod wrote the script for The King alongside Joel Edgerton, who is one of the stars of the film. Joining Chalamet and Edgerton in the cast is Lily Rose-Depp, Sean Harris, Ben Mendelsohn, and Robert Pattinson.

Take a look at Netflix's official synopsis for The King:

Hal (Timothée Chalamet), wayward prince and reluctant heir to the English throne, has turned his back on royal life and is living among the people. But when his tyrannical father dies, Hal is crowned King Henry V and is forced to embrace the life he had previously tried to escape. Now the young king must navigate the palace politics, chaos and war his father left behind, and the emotional strings of his past life — including his relationship with his closest friend and mentor, the ageing alcoholic knight, John Falstaff (Joel Edgerton).

As the teaser notes, The King will be released on Netflix and in select theaters this fall, though a specific release date has yet to be revealed. It's likely that the streaming giant is looking for a theatrical release deal to be put in place, which will dictate exactly when the movie can actually be screened theatrically. For now, we'll all just have to wait for that official release date announcement to know when we'll have the chance to watch The King.

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