Is The Knight Before Christmas Setting Up a Holiday Movie Cinematic Universe?

The Knight Before Christmas officially debuted today, giving audiences the latest entry into [...]

The Knight Before Christmas officially debuted today, giving audiences the latest entry into Netflix's pantheon of holiday movies. The vaguely-sci-fi tale follows the budding romance between a modern-day science teacher (Vanessa Hudgens) and a 14th-century knight (Josh Whitehouse), against the backdrop of the days before Christmas. While the holiday rom-com is certainly unique enough to stand on its own, new comments from its stars add a whole new context to the film -- and potentially connect it to some of Netflix's movies. Spoilers for The Knight Before Christmas below! Only look if you want to know!

As The Wrap recently pointed out, there are several blink-and-you'll-miss-it references to Netflix's other holiday movies scattered throughout The Knight Before Christmas. The first occurs when Whitehouse's Sir Cole stays up all night "binge-watching" modern-day content, as his viewing soon includes the fellow 2019 film Holiday in the Wild. The film, which stars Kristin Davis and Rob Lowe, follows a man and woman who fall in love on an African safari and was released on the streaming service earlier this month. (Which, by the way, raises a whole other question about if Netflix exists in the universe of The Knight Before Christmas, or if the film was presumably released by other means.)

Later on in the film, Hudgens' Brooke is showing Cole her various Christmas keepsakes, which includes an ornament that her parents brought her from Aldovia. This, of course, is a callback to the fictional country that factors into A Christmas Prince, the holiday-themed franchise starring Rose McIver and Ben Lamb. As Hudgens explained, these Easter eggs help set the stage for an interconnected universe of Netflix holiday movies, which The Knight Before Christmas is seemingly a part of.

"It's just kind of fun, I feel like, to create an entire new universe where everything is interconnected," Hudgens revealed. "I think they're just like fun little nuggets for the audiences to pick up if they're fans of the genre."

As Whitehouse pointed out, this raises a question for Hudgens, who has also been doing double (and soon to be triple) duty in Netflix's Princess Switch franchise.

"I didn't really even know that they did interlink! But I guess that'd be kinda crazy if Vanessa from The Princess Switch were to bump into Brooke one day," Whitehouse suggested.

"Yes!" Hudgens added.

"That's your next spinoff! 2021, here we come," Whitehouse joked.

Let's just hope this all somehow culminates in an Avengers: Endgame-style crossover, because that would definitely be must-see programming for the streaming platform.

The Knight Before Christmas is now streaming on Netflix.