Disney's The Lion King Soundtrack to Feature a New Original Song From Elton John

Disney's 1992 animated classic, The Lion King, still boasts one of, if not the most iconic soundtrack in the studio's storied history. Even stacked up against the likes of Aladdin, Tarzan, Frozen, and others, the songs from The Lion King continue to stand out 27 years later. Elton John's songs from the film can be recited word-for-word from fans of every generation. All of these classic tracks are set to return in Disney's upcoming reimagining of The Lion King, along with some brand new music from Elton John.

On Monday morning, Disney announced that tickets for The Lion King were now on sale, along with the first information about the film's soundtrack. The digital version of the soundtrack will debut on July 11th, just over one week before the film's theatrical release, and it will have a couple of songs unfamiliar to those who have only watched the original movie.

There is one song on the soundtrack called "Never Too Late," which is a brand new addition to The Lion King. Elton John wrote the song along with Tim Rice, and performs it with an African choir produced by Lebo M.

Another song appearing on this soundtrack that wasn't featured in the original movie is "He Lives in You," performed by Lebo M. While missing from the big screen version of the story, the song does appear in the stage adaptation of The Lion King.

Most importantly for fans of the movie, all of the beloved songs from The Lion King will be returning in Jon Favreau's remake. "Circle of Life," "I Just Can't Wait to Be King," "Be Prepared," "Hakuna Matata," and "Can You Feel the Love Tonight," are all included on the new soundtrack listing. Hans Zimmer is composing the soundtrack, just as he did for the original.

"Just hearing that music strikes you deeply," Favreau said. "Even if you don't know the film or stage show, there is a spiritual strength in it. But if you know the film, and if you grew up with this music -- now it can suddenly and immediately evoke the story itself, as well as all the connected memories and emotions that you have from your own past experience with The Lion King, or from the time of your life that you were in, or your childhood, or the life events it's connected to."

Are you looking forward to The Lion King? How will the new versions of the songs hold up against the originals? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


Disney's The Lion King hits theaters on July 19th.