Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Jokingly Pitches 'Three Men and a Baby' Reboot With Kevin Hart and Seth Rogen

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson recently pitched the idea of Kevin Hart and Seth Rogen joining him for a reboot of Three Men and a Baby, and the internet is loving it.

The idea technically originated with a fan who tweeted the idea to Johnson, with the casting suggestions included.

"I know you’re in the midst of promoting [Skyscraper], and I can’t wait to see it, the fan tweeted. "Having said that, I’d really love for you to consider teaming up with [Kevin Hart] and [Seth Rogen] to reboot the Three Men and a Baby franchise."

Johnson retweeted the idea and added his own spin, taking a shot at Hart along the way.

"Great idea, but if I teamed up with [Seth Rogen] and [Kevin Hart] to remake Three Men and a Baby, technically we’d have to call it 'Two Men and a lil s— head,'" Johnson joked.

Rogen also contributed to the onslaught of jokes at Hart's expense, quipping, "With no CGI, [Kevin Hart] could easily play the baby.

Hart took it all in stride though, joking back with the other two in his own way.

"I’m fine with that as long as the baby has a bunch of action scenes," he said.

The internet has been going crazy for the idea, with a number of Twitter users commenting on how much they would like to see this become a reality.

"3 men and a baby? Are you 4real? This will be amazing," one user said.


"I would totally pay good money to see this movie," another person commented.

While the Three Men and a Baby reboot is somewhat unlikely to happen, fans can catch Johnson and Hart when they return to the big screen together in the Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle sequel, which will land in theaters in December 2019.