Thor: The Dark World Started With Two Drafts and Got Passed Between The Writers

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Stephen McFeely and Chris Yost, writers of Thor: The Dark World, recently participated in an event in Los Angeles sponsored by the Writers' Guild of America. At the event, a number of screenwriters presented, talking about their process and their latest projects; McFeely and Yost, particularly, focused on the collaborative nature of their process. "We wrote individual drafts and sort of passed them back and forth," McFeely said. "I have a writing partner who's not here tonight named Chris Marcus and so we would work on it in the period that we had it and then Chris [Yost] did most of the heavy lifting, particularly during production." Yost, of course, also wrote the Thor: The Dark World Prelude 2-issue comic book microseries. "There was a lot of back and forth," Yost agreed. "So they would do a draft, I would do a draft and it would kind of go that way for a while." As far as the movie itself, the writers are confident in the finished product. "As second superhero movies go, it's actually got a lot going for it," Yost said. "We're actually pushing the Thor mythology forward as a character piece. Thor actually has a journey. "And anytime Tom Hiddleston is on screen, he sort of soaks up energy. He's amazing," added McFeely. "Looking at the comic books, there's like sixty years of this material out there," Yost continued. "Getting villains like Malekith and Kurse and really kind of digging into the mythology of the Marvel Norse universe is really fun. There's so many toys to play with. Check out the video below for more, including the "treasure trove" of comics McFeely got when he got the job.