Transformers Fan Shows Off Amazing Bumblebee Cosplay

The world of Transformers has been captivating audiences for generations, turning a series of Autobots into pop culture icons. For many of the franchise's fans, Bumblebee is one of the most special characters, even gaining his own standalone spinoff film in 2018. There have been no shortage of tributes to the yellow-hued Transformer, including a pretty epic new cosplay. Photos and videos from Instagram user @humminh2 recently went viral, which shows their human-sized Bumblebee cosplay. The design, which draws inspiration from the character's retro look in Bumblebee, is recreated in pretty impressive detail.

Bumblebee delighted audiences when it debuted in December of 2018, grossing nearly half a billion dollars at the global box office. The film placed the yellow-hued character in San Francisco in the 1980s, where he develops a friendship with a young woman named Charlie Watson (Hailee Steinfeld). The film has since been regarded as a sort of reboot of the larger Transformers franchise, one which brings it back to its nostalgic roots.

"It's not like we look at the elements of what we did before and go, 'Well, let's not do this' or 'Let's not do that,'" producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura explained in a previous interview. "It's more about how do you evolve the experience for the fans. Let the fan have a new experience. When we did the first movie, at first there was a lot of pushback that we weren't doing it the way it was done before. My feeling was always that if we'd done it, you would've gone, 'Well, I've already seen it.' So how do you evolve things forward is I think the hardest thing because you've got to retain why people love it, but at the same time if you give them the same experience, they're going to be bored with it."

And while a sequel to Bumblebee has yet to be officially announced, it's clear that there is more for that extension of the franchise to explore.

"I know exactly what I wanna do with one," screenwriter Christina Hodson explained in 2019. "I don't know if we're gonna do it — we've got to see if audiences go and see this movie. But I know where I want to go with the next one."


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