Vin Diesel Shares New Video To Celebrate Wrapping 'Bloodshot'

It seems filming has wrapped on Vin Diesel's Bloodshot movie, and the star of Valiant's film debut is celebrating with a new video.

Diesel took to Instagram to share a video from the set of Bloodshot as the film wraps production, where he can be seen looking out towards the sun with director Dave Wilson. The two seem really happy with the project, and Diesel wants fans to know he's proud of what they accomplished.

"This is the last video from the production of Bloodshot, here in lovely Africa," Diesel said. "The crews' really been incredible. Everyone's been giving 1000 percent. Africa's been incredible. It's been a life-changing experience, and I do dare say I'm proud of this movie, and I'm proud of this guy right here, Dave Wilson, who is gonna blow your mind. He's gonna shock the world. You're gonna lose your mind when you see what he's done with Bloodshot. My director, my friend, my brother David Wilson."

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Proud, blessed and grateful... #Bloodshot

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Wilson said, "It's sad to say goodbye to the crew and the film and the place I was born, but we'll see you soon." You can check out the video in the post above.

"Proud, blessed and grateful...#Bloodshot"

For Diesel, Bloodshot has the potential to define what superhero movies are going forward.

"You're watching something and you're going...I guess I expected that we would finally get here in the superhero universe, but I can't believe we're here," Diesel told Rukari Austin on behalf of "Dave Wilson, who's directing it. Guy Pierce, who's in it is insane. We just have a great cast. Sony, you know that Sony is finally going to lead the charge in the superhero movies of the future because they're incorporating a part of reality and incorporating issues that exist in society and embedding them into a quote-unquote superhero movie. It's just awesome."

That's no small thing, especially when you consider films like Infinity War, Logan, and Wonder Woman, but we can't wait to see if it can deliver.


"Bloodshot follows Ray Garrison aka Bloodshot, a deceased soldier resurrected by weapons contractor Rising Spirit Technologies through the use of nanotechnology. Suffering from total memory loss but imbued with an array of staggering new abilities, Ray struggles to reconnect with who he was while learning what sort of weapon he has become...aided by a team of fellow augmented combatants codenamed Chainsaw."

Bloodshot hits theaters in early 2020.