New WarnerMedia Streaming Service Price Point Reportedly Revealed

Every IP giant is going to end up with their own streaming service at some point in this post-Netflix world, and we finally have a few details about Warner Bros' upcoming debut in that space. The WarnerMedia streaming service doesn't actually have a name yet, but we do now know what WB and AT&T are looking at for a price point (via Variety). According to the report the subscription VOD service is targeting a $16 to $17 dollar price, which is more expensive than competitors like Netflix, Hulu, and the upcoming Disney+. That said they are hoping the value of what's included will make that point moot, as it is likely to bundle together HBO and Cinemax as part of the deal.

According to the report, the $16 dollar price tag will get you HBO, Cinemax, and access to all of Warner Bros' movie and TV catalog. That isn't nothing either, especially after they get rights back to shows like Friends, which are currently on Netflix. It would get an even bigger boost if it at some point attached DC Universe to that offering, though it could also end up using that as a lower tier offering for those just interested in the superhero aspect of the company.

The report also states that WB was looking at a three-tiered service, including a movie focused tier, an original programming and movies tier, and a WarnerMedia licensed content tier that also included the other two tiers. That's been pushed aside for a single plan, which does help alleviate any confusion and the pull of HBO should help some take on the higher price point.

Now, this would be an even better proposition if HBO still had Game of Thrones, but they still have shows like WestWorld coming down the pike, and we're sure they'll find more to add to their roster before WarnerMedia launches.


WarnerMedia isn't slated to debut until Quarter 1 of 2020, though it is expected to hit beta in the fourth quarter of 2019.

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