X-Men: Days Of Future Past Cast Answers Fan Questions


This morning, the cast of the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past gathered in advance of tonight's New York premiere to answer fan questions on Twitter, joined by writer Simon Kinberg. While (as is custom with these types of curated fan reactions) most of the answers were to innocuous or repeated questions, there was some interesting (and funny) stuff that came out during the talk, so we decided to cruise through it and assemble the best responses. We'll skip over the stuff you've heard a thousand times (yes, it's great to work with [insert whichever cast the actor wasn't previously a part of]) and just hit some of the highlights. Who are some of your favorite X-Men characters to write for in the new film? Simon Kinberg: I love writing for Magneto for me he's the most complex villain of any comic book -- so for Michael [Fassbender] and Ian [McKellen]. If superpowers were based on personality, what would be your superpower and what would be your weakness? Kinberg: I love writing for Magneto for me he's the most complex villain of any comic book -- so for Michael and Ian. How far ahead are you planning for more X-Men films? Kinberg: Right now we're focused on the next one (Apocalypse), but we're talking about how we can tell stories over multiple movies. So what's the best part about shooting this whole film? Kinberg: Seeing the original cast back together again. And finally getting to put Sentinels on screen. My question is for Hugh Jackman: What made you go out for the role of Wolverine?


Hugh Jackman: Who wouldn't! My wife said I shouldn't. It's the only time she's been wrong in our marriage. What is new in X-Men: Days of Future Past that you haven't been able to explore in previous X-Men films? Jackman: Wolverine has to be a guide, mentor, diplomat-all qualities that he's not very good at. What was the most challenging scene to shoot and what was it like working with Sir Patrick Stewart? James McAvoy: Anything with Cerebro was uber-challenging. And working with @SirPatStew was quite ceremonial. For Fassbender, whats your favorite Magneto moment in the films? And what redeeming traits do you think he has? Michael Fassbender: I like the dentist work that I did in X-Men: First Class. My favorite scene from Days of Future Past was the Kitchen with Quicksilver. days-of-future-past-character-posters-2593_nFavorite bit about working with a large cast? Fassbender: Frustrating, really, because I have to share the camera with others. McAvoy: I find it nice, I can get lost in the crowd. There's less weight on my shoulders. Fassbender: Thats the difference between you and me, McAvoy. McAvoy: I'm the reluctant leader, you're like "GIVE ME POWER." What research did you do for your role as Bolivar Trask? Peter Dinklage: I worked for a major corporation for 3 years, and got really close to taking over the world. Before signing on to play Bolivar Trask, who was your favorite X-Men character? Dinklage: I love mystique. And what Jennifer's done with the role is really incredible. And she kicks ass too. Does Trask have any redeeming qualities? Do you think he considers himself a hero? Dinklage: Yes, in his mind he is a hero. And his redeeming quality is his hairstyle. Which qualities of Professor X do you identify with the most?


Sir Patrick Stewart: The one quality of Professor X that means the most to me is his rock & roll guitar ability. #LittleKnownFact Fans have seen photos on twitter of your adventures with Ian McKellen. What remains on your bucket list together? Stewart: @IanMcKellen and I hope this is only the beginning of a new partnership. So watch this space. If you could attain your character's powers for a week, how would you use them? Would you use them for good or evil? Stewart: I don't want his powers for 30 seconds. I don't want to hear what's going on in other people's heads. What is it about the character that keeps you coming back to play Charles Xavier? Stewart: The hope that one day I would wear a superhero uniform like everybody else. Do you approach acting in the X-Men films the same way you would as acting in Shakespeare? Stewart: More seriously, because X-Men is far more important than Shakespeare. What was it like filming with the special camera set-up they used to capture Quicksilver's speed?


Evan Peters: They made the set super bright and captured everything using a phantom camera. The goggles helped a little bit. Fassbender said his favorite scene was the one in the kitchen, what do you think? Peters: It was definitely my favorite scene to film -- and to watch. What about quicksilver do you find most attractive? Peters: His mischievous attitude. How long did it take to do hair and make up for your character? Fan Bingbing: About 3-4 hours each day, including really thick green contact lenses and a really beautiful costume. What is Blink's go to move in danger? Bingbing: Teleporting everything. Cars. Buildings. anything. Your look in the film is amazing. What did you have to do to get into costume?

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Omar Sy: I know! I had concentrate for 2 hours a day to grow my hair. What was your favorite scene to film? What was your favorite scene to film? Sy: The last fight. It was very cool to shoot. It was very intense, and I had a lot of fun, I was like a kid. Do you have a specific routine as you get into character? Sy: Once you step inside the costume, it's done. The look was great. What do you think would be the most inconvenient part of being made completely of ice? Shawn Ashmore: Not being able to take any vacation other than the Arctic #BrainFreeze How do you think Iceman has grown as a character from previous X-Men films? Ashmore: The most interesting part is that as I've personally matured, so has the character. That keeps it fresh every day. Do you actually get to do the Ice-Slide stunts? Ashmore: Oh yeah! Pretty much all of my own stunts, including the Ice Slide. BeastWhat should we know about Beast before we watch the movie? Nicholas Hoult: Beast and Professor X have become a bit of reclusive, and he's created lots of great new inventions. Do you ever feel like there's a Beast inside you waiting to get out? Hoult: Yes. Particularly when I'm in my makeup trailer making dance videos (which is what I do in my spare time). What is your favorite scene in this movie that you did? Hoult: The first day in Cerebro, with @RealHughJackman, was like my childhood dream coming true. Did you have to wear anything special for when your character turns into fire?


Adan Canto: Yes, I was naked. What kind of research did you do for your character? Canto: A ton of reading. If you could be any super villain who would you be? Daniel Cudmore: I would love to be Juggernaut. I've always wanted to see a Juggernaut vs Colossus. That would be badass. If you were a mutant in real life, what kind of skills/abilities would you want to have? Cudmore: Flight. It's always been flight, since I was a child. I even tried the Mary Poppins as a kid with an umbrella. Did you have any favorite X-Men characters growing up? Josh Helman: For me, I always loved Cyclops. But always because I had a bit of a man crush on James Mardsen. Evan Jonigkeit: Sabretooth. What inspiration did you use to prepare to play Toad?


Jonigkeit: Ray Park's version of the character was something I used, but I referred to the comics a lot as well. What's one thing about Stryker that only you know? Helman: He's a product of his upbringing. I think Stryker secretly thinks he's one of the smartest men in the rooms at all time. What did you do when you found out you landed the role? Jonigkeit: I called my mom. Helman: I called Evan's mom.