Zack Snyder Reveals Which of His Movies He Considers "The Snyderverse"

In the modern blockbuster landscape, few filmmakers get people talking quite like Zack Snyder. The filmmaker's unique style — particularly on films in the DC universe such as Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Justice League — has earned him a legion of fans, many of whom have campaigned to see his projects fully realized. In recent months, there has been a call from some fans to "Restore the Snyderverse", which would hypothetically bring Snyder back into the DC fold for future Justice Leaue or Superman sequels. In a recent interview with Inverse, Snyder was asked what in his filmography he would consider to be the "Snyderverse", and argued that it's more of the original work he's currently developing for Netflix.

"I would hope that anything Snyderverseian is [whatever] we're doing as original IP," Snyder explained. "The DC universe is something that's very close to my heart and something I spent a lot of time developing and thinking about, so I love it. But where I am right now is with the Rebel Moon of it all and the Army of the Dead of it all. They're very much consuming our creative output. Hopefully, just anything that we're doing that's original and cool would fit into that category."

Earlier this year, Snyder and his The Stone Quarry Productions banner signed a first-look, two-year deal with Netflix. That deal is expected to encompass the ever-expanding world of Snyder's Army of the Dead — including the upcoming prequel film Army of Thieves, the anime spinoff Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas, and the upcoming sequel Planet of the Dead. Additionally, Snyder is developing Rebel Moon, a science fiction epic that spun out of Snyder's pitch for the Star Wars saga. The film, which hopes to go into production in early 2022, is already being envisioned as the launchpad for sequels and series.

"My goal and hope are to bring as much quality content as I can and do it on a giant scale," Snyder said when the Netflix deal was first reported. "Big projects and big movies."

"For us, it was so important to find a partnership that was based on mutual respect," Deborah Snyder echoed. "The creative process works best when everybody trusts each other and you can take chances and be creative. For us, we don't usually play it safe. The content we make is a little bit edgier. And I think it's important to have a good partnership and hear each other."

"And Netflix has given us a lot of freedom," Deborah added. "But they've also embraced the idea of trying new things and not necessary waiting for a success before moving ahead."

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