10 Real Life Technologies Inspired By Video Games

Youtube channel All-time 10’s recently compiled a list of the 10 real life technologies inspired [...]


Youtube channel All-time 10's recently compiled a list of the 10 real life technologies inspired by video games. There are some fascinating examples of the creative developers of video games inspiring some real life products in this list, and a few of these I was honestly surprised we either could already do it or hadn't done it yet (Seriously, how do we not have Medpacks yet?)

For example, an American company called Tracking Point has already made a rifle that can automatically aim and track a target via a button press, and can even automatically adjust the aim based on the wind speed and elevation. That is insane! Though it can't automatically launch a blue shell at the leader.

Some of the other notable features are remote controlling cockroaches (which is a bit disturbing) just like you would a drone, or developing exoskeletons as seen in games like Call of Duty and Fallout. Also there is a smart contact lens that can display a virtual HUD for you, so just like your health or mana would display in a game, you can instead see things like heart-rate, directions to your next location, fiber count, etc. I made that last one up, but wouldn't that be helpful?

Also of note is how Gears of War's frag grenade has influenced the real XM25 Rocket Launcher, which has programmable grenades, and can be detonated at any time. Battlefield also inspired the military in developing vehicle armor called the iron curtain, which acts basically as an electromagnetic field that surrounds the tank, disabling incoming fire before it hits, though that one hasn't been put out into real battle yet.

Check the video for some other great advances, and you can check out their Youtube page here.