30 Days of Night Creator Steve Niles Forced Out of His House By Flood


Days after a Paypal account was set up to help 30 Days of Night creator Steve Niles (that's our file photo of him above, from an Aurora Rise charity event) cope with what appeared to be a significant loss of property when his house was flooded, the creator had good news and bad news to share with friends, fans and supporters today. Niles woke up to running water over the weekend, and had to go rescue one of his family pets from drowning. A scrapbook full of original art that he's kept for decades was one of the first things he knew to be lost, although artist Mike Mignola later said that Niles had lost just about everything. This morning, the news was good--so good, in fact, that he had asked the supporter who set up the Paypal account to stop soliciting donations. "I think there is a fine line between accepting help and taking advantage and we do not want to take advantage," Niles said after waking up to light rain and no additional flooding today. "We are going to ask Belinda to take down the PayPal fund later today. If you have ongoing auctions you can PayPal those to stevenilesinfo@gmail.com. That email will continue to work." This evening, though, the tone has changed somewhat. "We got the bad news. We have to pack up vacate the house," Niles wrote on Facebook. "We are going to need temp housing for us and our pets. If anybody in Austin has any info we'd appreciate it." After closing up the initial Paypal account, Niles said that "If you'd like to help out more the best way you can help is to order from our stores. Stock was not damaged so we still have just about everything." He offered up https://www.steveniles.net/store.html and https://www.monicarichards.com/merch.htm as places to buy if you want to see they get a few dollars more than their standard royalties.