5 Geek-Out Moments from the 'Day of the Doctor'

Here's my 5 favorite Who geek out moments. What were yours? Anything super-geeky? I know I must have missed dozens as I was taking notes for the recap - what did I miss? Oh course... SPOILERS!1. The scientist (please someone give me the full explanation who she is) at the beginning of the episode with 4th Doctor's famous over flowing scarf. They length of which ends up saving her life.

tom-baker-doctor-who-scarf2. The return of the fez. I mean, bow ties are cool... but fezzes? Well they're fezzes.3. Rose/The Moment/The Interface mentioning Bad Wolf. I mean well... tears.Bad_wolf_entity4. Captain Jack's Time Manipulator.Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 2.06.03 PM5. Tom Baker as 'The Curator'Tom-Baker10comments