A New Batman in Earth Two Annual #1

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James Robinson might be on his way out of Earth 2, but not before leaving at least one notable, new character behind in the form of a new Earth-2 Batman. That character will be introduced in tomorrow's Earth 2 Annual #1, illustrated by Yildiray Cinar, CAFU, and Julius Gopez, and featuring a cover by Andy Kubert. Over at Nerdist, they've got a first look at the issue and--like everywhere else that fans have discussed the issue since it was announced--the comments thread is full of people speculating as to the identity of the hero (who looks suspiciously like the Flashpoint Batman, although we have to admit Thomas Wayne is probably an unlikely candidate). Check back later tonight for more on Earth 2 and check out our list of candidates for who we think might be ideally-suited to take over the title from Robinson. [gallery columns="2" ids="51191,51189,51190,51188"]