Action Comics #1 Sale Breaks Record For Collector Site

Monday was certainly a super day for comic book collectors, a couple of comic book salesmen, and one lucky anonymous seller! It was on this day, February 22, 2010, that Vincent Zurzolo and Stephen Fishler, co-owners of the auction site, sold one of the biggest prizes in all of comics. A rare copy of Action Comics #1, the first appearance of iconic hero Superman, went on sale, fetching a one million dollar price tag. The 1938 debut issue of the Man of Steel is such an important one because of the debut of arguably the most recognizable pop cultures figures ever, and even more importantly because there are only about 100 copies of this book known in existence. This copy, sold in 8.0 (Very Fine) condition, was put up for sale by an anonymous seller with another unknown buyer snapping the book up. The price paid for the comic book is more than three times the amount given for a lesser-quality copy of the comic sold through, which fetched $317,000 last year. Zurzolo said that comics are fast joining the ranks of "investment pieces", saying further that, "When you look at what happened to real estate, the stock market and in banking, people are terrified. They're making no money in the banks, they're not sure about real estate, and the stock market is like playing roulette. With comic books, they feel a lot more confident."