Adam P. Knave and Chris Peterson Announce Dong Patrol

akcp_dp_logoAmelia Cole

co-writer Adam P. Knave and Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight - Bee Vixens From Mars artist Chris Peterson will apparently launch a new comics project called Dong Patrol, according to the image above, released on social media and hosted at

Other than the phrase, "Yup. This is happening," which Knave captioned the image with, and the fact that it's expected in 2014, no further information has been released yet and it's not clear just what the series will feature. It seems at face value to be a play on the DC Comics superhero title "Doom Patrol," except using slang for male genitalia in its name.

"Dong Patrol" was the name of an installment of the webcomic Jerk City back in 2008, but there is likely no connection as neither of the creators in question was involved.

"Please note: [Peterson] and I did not get you Dongs for xmas. Or Boxing day. But we sure do hope to give you Dongs before Valentine's Day," Knave wrote on Twitter, apparently giving the story a projected launch date.

"They are the team you neither deserve or need," added Peterson.