Almost Human Fans Launch Petition To Try To Save The Show

Almost Human

Fans are trying to save Almost Human by circulating an online petition asking Fox to undo their cancellation of the show. The petition was started by a fan in Australia and currently has almost 4,000 signers. The petition's webpage on reads:

This is an amazing show with so much potential. I adore the cast, the chemistry between the leads, the interesting side plots as well as the arching plotline of the season, the ingenuity of technology which bring to the foreground so many issues that can occur was we proceed into the future and the special effects that create these technologies. I have never been so excited to watch a show every week as much as I have been excited to watch Almost Human.
Almost Human

is a sci-fi drama from J.J. Abrams and J.H. Wyman (Fringe) that stars Karl Urban as a cop in the year 2048 and Michael Ealy as his android partner. Fox canceled the show after one season.  Though the show debuted to stellar ratings (9.1 million viewers overall), it was unable to maintain its audience, averaging 5.63 million by March's season finale. We are living in an era of television comebacks, so it's understandable that Almost Human's fans would try to give the show one last breath of life.