Amazing Spider-Man Opening Day Box Office Breaks Tuesday Record

By opening The Amazing Spider-Man on a Tuesday, Sony was able to grab at least one record for the film. Early opening day box office reports for The Amazing Spider-Man are coming in at $35 million, which is more than enough to set a record for highest Tuesday opening ever for the U.S. box office.

And while you might think breaking a Tuesday record isn’t a big deal, it’s actually a really good sign for film. The previous Tuesday record was held by none other than Transformers, which made $27.8 million when it premiered on Tuesday July 3rd, 2007. Transformers went on to make $319 million.

Another good sign for Sony is that Amazing Spider-Man is getting a positive overall reaction from both fans and critics. (Be sure to check out the Amazing Spider-Man review.) While early estimates had The Amazing Spider-Man doing around $120 million over its first six days, those estimates are quickly being revised up to $150 million. The Amazing Spider-Man should have no trouble eventually crossing at least the $300 million mark.