Amazing Spider-Man Villain Rhys Ifans Confirmed as Recurring in Elementary


Just months after we learned that Paul Giamatti--the American actor who will play The Rhino in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, took a role on the hit British drama Downton Abbey, today comes the news that Rhys Ifans, the English actor who played Dr. Kurt Connors in The Amazing Spider-Man, will return for the second season of the hit U.S. drama Elementary. Which is, in turn, essentially just an Americanized version of the hit British drama Sherlock, but don't say that to the good folks at CBS. Ifans plays Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock's brother, and will be a recurring force in the series' second season on CBS. "You'll see him a couple more times in the first 12 (episodes) and four more times in the back 12," said series creator and producer Robert Doherty in a presentation and screening today at PaleyFest, Deadline reports. The site also confirms that guest star Natalie Dormer will return "around midseason" as Irene Adler and that they hope to bring back Sean Pertwee as Inspector Lestrade, but that's not a sure thing yet.